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“As a Builder Developer for over 40 yrs, I am impressed with Matt Behnam’s dedication to quality and detail in the Homes his company builds.”

William Bucklew

“My wife and I are very satisfied with our custom home built by Unique Homes. We designed the home with an architect while living in NY and when we moved from the northeast and were selecting a contractor, Matt and Bruce were genuine and honest about our concerns and even offered us some good design modifications, which we incorporated into the house. They also provided interior design assistance, which was quite helpful. At every phase, they were committed to excellent workmanship and attention to detail. Bruce’s daily on-site presence ensured that we had a smooth construction project. We not only recommend them but we would select them again if we were to build another house.”

Judy and Alan M.

“After the birth of our first child, Evie, my husband and I quickly realized we were outgrowing our first small home. We planned and dreamed about building a home to last the rest of our lives. A place our children could grow up in and where my husband and I could grow old together. This project we were embarking on was meant to last a lifetime. Unique Homes, LLC was the perfect company to meet our needs and build us our dream home. From start to finish, they were professional, dedicated, and hard working. They made the process easier than we anticipated and did every thing in their power to give us the home we always wanted. And it completely paid off. Our family now has room to grow, in a home that will stand the test of time. Unique Homes, LLC built us a quality home with many personal features. We want to thank everyone who worked on our home, especially Matt Behnam, Bruce Sidwell, and Tiffany White. You truly know how to make a unique house a home.”

Mandi and Jimmy L.

“The folks at Unique Homes are very customer oriented and will go above and beyond their customer’s expectations every time. I have seen some of their work first hand and am amazed with the attention to detail and personalization given to every job! They take the time to get to know their customers and understand their needs.”

Robyn C.