A Unique Perspective on Home Building

Home Construction - Morgantown, WV

Matthew Behnam started out doing concrete and small dirt work in 1990. Matthew’s love of construction began when he poured a driveway after he graduated from West Virginia University and continues to grow with every new job. His dedication to providing high-quality work for his clients and his drive to succeed led him to create Unique Homes, LLC in 2010.

One-Stop Contractor Shop

Unique Homes, LLC. has expanded with sister businesses. Buildco Inc provides large concrete pours and commercial work; Earthdig is their excavation team; ETree Service is the tree-removal branch. With all of his companies working as one strong team, Matthew knows that he can provide his clients with the benefits of cumulative knowledge in all areas of construction with a broad understanding of the construction industry. The team is always at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.

Building Contractors - Morgantown, WV

Outstanding Services

Matthew attributes the success of Unique Homes, LLC. to making relationships along the way and taking what’s learned on each job and applying it to new challenges. This mindset has led Matthew to take on tasks of initial design, surveying, initial clearing, excavation, building, final grading, site development, utilities, tree removal, landscaping, and many other services.

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